Vaseline & Baking Soda? What for?

Your New Best Friend!

When we are on the subject of skincare & beauty, there are thousands of products out there but do they really work? Instead of spending gobs of money on products that may or may not show results, try using these great alternatives instead. Not only will you save yourself a lot of money but also these are tried and true tips! it is suffice to say that these are your new bestfriend! why? stay tuned for more beauty and home tips!


Vaseline (petroleum jelly) is a great staple kept in many family homes. famous for its anti-chafing properties but there are several other interesting uses of Vaseline than can amaze you and be beneficial.

1. Avoids Lipstick on your teeth
Avoid it by putting a tiny amount of Vaseline on your teeth to keep them slick. this technique is used by beauty contestants and experts.
(even Beyoncé in Pretty Hurts music video did it)

2. Makes your hair look healthier
Apply a small amount of Vaseline to the ends of your hair and see the difference.

3. Threads of glue
You can put a thick coating of Vaseline on the threads of glue tubes or any screw cap for easy removal.

4. Leather stuff
Some of you like to use Baby Oil. although it works, it doesn’t last long. You can keep the luster of your leather shoes, handbag, or jacket longer by polishing them with petroleum jelly.

5. Avoid hair dye from staining your skin
You can avoid the harsh chemicals of hair dye from coloring ears and forehead by applying Vaseline to your hair line and the areas that you want to prevent from the dye.

6. Perfumes
your scent doesn’t even last half a day? apply Vaseline to your wrist/neck then spray your perfume on it.

7. Chewing gum remover
found gum stuck under the table or on any wooden shelf? put some Vaseline on the offending wad and keep rubbing it until the gums comes out, then remove it.

8. Removes Tight Ring
Soap doesn’t help? okay. you don’t like baby oil because its oily? You don’t have to struggle to remove rings from your fingers. Apply some Vaseline to your fingers to remove them, they will come off with ease.

9. Prevents Diaper Rash
Protect your baby from experiencing the pain of diaper rash. Vaseline petroleum jelly has the power to protect your baby from these rashes. Apply a protective coat on the skin and keep your baby healthy.

10. No-more Shampoo Tears
Looking for no-more tears shampoo for your child? Here is a solution. Apply Vaseline to their eyebrows, this will act as a protective shield against shampoo coming into the eyes.

11. Removes Water Rings
Do you often find marks of rings on furniture made by glasses of water or cups of tea? it looks like permanent stain rigt? put some Vaseline on the furniture and let it stay overnight. This will remove the marks from your furniture.

12. Birthday Candle
In case of emergency you can dip the birthday candle in the jar of Vaseline to make it last longer.

13. Keeps ants away
You can protect pet food from ants that may attack their food bowl. Apply Vaseline around the bottom of the bowl to keep ants away.

14. Protects Car Battery
Vaseline can prevent your car battery from corrosion. The white metallic build-up on the terminals of your battery can be avoided by applying Vaseline to them.

15. Heals cracked heels/Lips or rough skin
Keep your feet/lips smoother by applying petroleum jelly to them. for feet, Apply and put on socks for 15-20 minutes or overnight. This will repair your cracked heels and leave them smoother and softer.

16. reduce wrinkles/aging lines around the eye
after you clean your face at night. apply Vaseline around your eyes and sleep with it. be sure not to remove make up using Vaseline because petroleum jelly is meant to help moisture and repair skin. and it cannot be washed by just water and soap, imagine removing make up with it you’re actually applying a layer of petroleum jelly on your skin. it will clog your pores with make up leftovers and it will turn into pimples.

17. make your eyelashes longer!
apply Vaseline on your lashes, by hand or by brush at night. sleep with it. so it for a month and see result.

18. Sensitive Ears?
apply vaseline on the ear ring rod, before putting it on. no more irritations or allergies!

now lets talk about Baking Soda yay!!


This is basically my life saviour & my daily routine. but why BAKING SODA? because of its own anti-bacterial property. its beneficial in EVERY SINGLE WAY. here’s how..

1. FACE CARE – DIY cleanser, scrubs, pores, blackheads
2. Fresh breath
3. Treat insect bites
4. Clean combs/BRUSHES & SPONGES
5. Get rid of oil/chemical/chlorene feom hair
6. Soothe your feet/ Remove calluses
7. Clean the microwave
8. Hand wash dishes, pots and pans
9. Polish Silverware & chrome
10. Clean & Enhance floors/furnitures/baby toys
11. Boost liquid laundry detergent
12. Clean batteries
13. Freshen & Deodorize fridge & trash cans
14. Extinguish fires
15. Remove grunge from grills
16. Septic care
17. Freshen rugs
18. Clean/WHITEN TEETH (can be used for pets)
19. Sunburn/Itchy skin relief
20. Make fluffier omelets
21. Remove insecticides
22. Fill holes in the wall
23. Melt the ice
24. Clean stinky pets
25. Sweeten tomatoes & Potatoes
26. Repel bugs & Protect your garden
27. Make modeling clay
28. Longer lasting flowers
29. Relieve heartburn

there are more ways to do everything using baking soda. why baking soda? it is the MOST CHEAPEST (dah most nak cheapest lagi) most effective cleaning agent in the history, cewah! my spick and span reasons are:
1. cheap | 2. the best | 3. works! | 4. natural ingredient (sort of) |
5. HARMLESS | 6. portable | 7. did i say cheap? of course i did.

thank you for reading, hope you’ll like it. you may ask me anything or add more tips, cheers!

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